Category: Resident Voices

August 9, 2016

Resident Nancy Sturtevant is Enjoying Her Carefree Lifestyle at Rockland Place

NOW WE’RE COOKING There comes a time when it makes sense to leave the chores to someone else and just enjoy life. “If they were asking, ‘How is the food?’ I always say ‘It’s wonderful.’ And I’ll add, ‘I don’t have to cook it. That’s the way I like it.’” – Nancy Sturtevant, resident of […]

June 24, 2016

Resident Esther Weik is Enjoying Her Worry-Free Lifestyle Surrounded by Friends at Rockland Place

WHICH WILL IT BE? You can take your chances staying put, or you can choose to start thriving in the right retirement community. “I was in a house that had four bedrooms upstairs and one down. And I knew I couldn’t stay in a house with that many bedrooms. It just wasn’t necessary when I […]