A Day at the Aquarium

We recently went on an extraordinary outing to the Camden Adventure Aquarium with our residents whom have memory concerns. This trip not only allowed us to get out and about for a day of fun, but it also provided a sensory approach as we were able to enjoy the fish swimming in their tanks, watch as penguins pranced around, and had the opportunity to touch stingrays and sand sharks! Perhaps the biggest draw was the Ocean Realm. In Adventure Aquarium’s Ocean Realm Exhibit, we came face-to-face with 760,000 gallons of seawater and over 400 animals, including southern stingrays, silky sharks, blue runners, zebra sharks, hammerhead, blacknose sharks and more! It was certainly a day full of laughs, smiles and adventure to say the least. We are looking forward to going back to visit again and for all of the new outings we will be going on in the near future!

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