Rockland Place is rated number one in Delaware. I like everything about it. The staff and food are great. It’s a beautiful facility. My mom is very happy. They do activities and have entertainment all day long and go on field trips. My mom goes to activities at 10:00 a.m. and does not get back to her room until 3:00 p.m.

Review by Susan115697450

Rockland Place is beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. It was the most beautiful one, although the apartments weren’t as big. But the whole facility was top-notch. It was aesthetically beautiful. The staff was wonderful. They were very outgoing and friendly. No complaints. It was so beautiful inside, and spacious. The rooms for the public or the general rooms were just beautiful.

Review by KJ2

In the summer of 2010 my great aunt became a resident of Rockland Place in Wilmington, Delaware. She no longer wanted to live alone after her husband passed two years before. My family and I have visited her several times since she moved there and have been impressed each time. She is very happy there. They have a great staff, delicious food, and great amenities. She is able to live alone but still have the comfort of twenty-four hour staff and residents close by her own age. They have a lot of great activities, are there at a moments notice and like to take the residents out. We have always been happy with how kind and helpful the staff is to us when we visit her and think that the grounds are amazing. They even have instructors come in and teach their residents and they are able to sign up for classes to keep their minds fresh. She is very happy there and I would honestly recommend them to anyone. Residents are even allowed to have small pets if they wish to have them and the staff helps them with their care if they need it.

Review by Quinn27

Very attentive health care for senior’s and those that are health challenged. They actually care about their patients.

Review by Brad Engram

Having recently worked with the management staff of Michele Holdsworth and Bobbi Cassidy at Rockland Place, I can tell you it was a first class experience. They made the transition for one of my clients straightforward and easy. Michele was clear and succinct with the sales effort. Her follow-up was pleasant, timely and professional. No tasks were left to chance. Bobbi Cassidy took care of all the health care records and continues to communicate any needs. All in all, it was a pleasant, thorough and easy experience. What more could anyone ask for.

Review by Richard Hynes
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Very happy with the services and level of caring at Rockland for their residents. I am extremely pleased with the staff and their care for my mother.

Review by Cheryl
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The RN, Bobbi, is fantastic and really took the time to understand the needs of both of my parents. We were able to move them in together, and it has been a blessing for the family to know they are well taken care of.

Patrick [removed], the Director, was very professional and helped find a solution for us. The cost is on the high side, but the facility, the food, the staff, are excellent. The staff really seem to enjoy what they are doing and have a purpose. I walk away justifying the cost each time I visit.

Review by Wilmington, DE Family
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It was a positive experience. For activities they have a little bit of everything; games, music, a ton of stuff, just everything. I was impressed that out of 100 residents they recognized me and my dad right away and knew exactly where he was. I chose this community for two reasons, they have two levels of memory care which he will need in the future, and the speech therapist he needed was there full time.

Review by Family
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I know my sister is in good hands, and safe in this community. It is a good community with kind people. They are taking good care of her, and her needs. They are great with their commutation. The community is very well-kept, they do a good job with the cleanliness around facility. She has gotten involved with some of the activities they offer. I would recommend this community to my family, and friends.

Review by Wilmington, DE Family
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The facility and staff are wonderful. They are friendly, helpful and competent. It is a pleasure to have a place like this for our mother.

Review by Ken Janney
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The staff is very friendly. The physical therapist my mother worked with was excellent. The place is very clean and the housekeeping and maintenance has been great. They have the most activities of all the places we looked at. The lobby is very well appointed and impressive when you walk in. My mother came kicking and screaming in there. They were very flexible and helpful with her transition in becoming a resident. The location and setting we have found to be the best choice for our mother.

Review by Shirl Leach