Wedded Bliss – 64th Anniversary

Bill and Ruth H. recently celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary! They first saw each other at their church meeting that Ruth would attend while she was in town, but officially hit it off at the church’s barn dance. They spent the night dancing, laughing and getting to know one another. At the end of the social Bill asked if he could see her again to which Ruth coyly said “Sure, I am in the phone book look me up”. Bill tracked down her number, which wasn’t too difficult since she worked for the phone company, gave her a call and the rest is history. Over their 64 years of marriage they enjoyed going to the theater in New York, traveling with world (especially to Australia where they have family connections) and being active together (playing tennis was a favorite). As the years pass their family continues to grow from 3 sons of their own to the addition of several grandchildren and great grandchildren. When asked what the key to a loving lasting marriage is, Bill said “Do lots together, find someone who has similar passions and values as yourself and always be there for each other in good times and bad”. Love conquers all …

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